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 Thank you for your visiting this webpage. In this webpage, you can get the information of "The 2nd Congress of Asia Physical Therapy Student Association" and register. If you have any question or messages, please contact us.

About Earthquake

The Great East Japan Earthquake
 A big disaster occurred in Japan on March 11, 2011. Strongest earthquakes in Japan caused wide-spred damage, particularly in the Tohoku region. But Kyoto, where the 2nd Congress will be held, is far away from the Tohoku region. Kyoto fortunately had no damage.
 Through our discussions, we had decided it is possible to hold the Congress on schedule.

Fukushima Nuclear Plant
 As you know Fukushima nuclear plant had been affected by the earthquake.
 We predict that the radiation from this disaster is what you will be most concerned about. Regarding environmental safety, there will be some health effects when you bathe more than 500mSv (Sievert) of radiation at once. However, there have been no changes to radiation levels at our monitoring post, and experts do not expect any health effects in Kyoto.
     *Human body is naturally exposed to about 2.4mSv of radiation a year (world average).
 We convince that you all will be able to come to Japan in peace.
 Thanks for the heartwarming and humane cooperation in your country.
       *We are not responsible for accidents during your staying Japan.

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